Geospatial Insights

Utilize spatial data analysis and visualization to provide geographic context to business challenges.
Aid in market expansion, site selection, and route optimization.

Location Analysis

  • Optimal Site Selection: Utilizes spatial data to identify the best locations for business expansion based on factors like foot traffic, competitor presence, and demographic compatibility
  • Accessibility Mapping: Evaluates the accessibility of locations to ensure they are within reach of key target markets, linked by major transport networks

Market Segmentation

  • Demographic Profiling: Integrates geographic data with demographic information to segment markets by age, income, lifestyle, and consumption patterns
  • Geo-targeting: Tailors marketing efforts based on the geographic distribution of market segments, enhancing the effectiveness of promotional campaigns

Customer Analytics

  • Behavioral Mapping: Tracks customer movements and behaviors within geographical areas to identify patterns and preferences, optimizing service delivery
  • Customer Density Analysis: Measures the concentration of customers in specific areas, guiding resource allocation and marketing strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

Primary Research

  • Expert Insights – Qualitative Research (link to the respective service page)
  • Quantitative Research (link to the respective service page)

Secondary Research

  • Business Research (link to the respective service page)

INJ is a one-stop-shop providing end-to-end market research services. We undertake innovative data collection/mining services leveraging different methodologies.

INJ has an expert database to exceptionally target any B2B audience across the globe from a range of industries. It makes it easier for the clients to make INJ their go-to partner for Niche and hard to reach audiences.

B2C – INJ’s capabilities are limitless when it comes to this audience. This audience is segregated across demographics like HHI, Age, Gender, Occupation, Ethnicity, Geography, etc. This makes it effective for INJ to execute product/brand centric engagements.

We use a range of methodologies to cater to the unique needs of our clients. Some of the most commonly used methodologies include Surveys (CATI/CAWI), Focus groups, In-depth Interviews, Secondary Research and Data Analytics. (Please include a link to direct to our services page for further details)

Though we cover the globe; however, the Go-to markets of most of our research engagements are North America (US, & Canada),  Europe (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Nordics, and Benelux), LATAM (Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina), Middle East (UAE & Saudi Arabia), Asia Pacific (India, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia), and Oceania (Australia & New Zealand).

In addition, we have a limited but robust presence across China, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, Taiwan, and South Korea. 

INJ Partners is committed and driven to provide top notch data quality and consistency to our clients by eliminating undesired survey behaviors. In order to achieve the same, we follow numerous measures and procedures including –
• Quality checks at different survey intervals
• Timing Metrics to avoid sending consistent speeders to surveys
• Providing break points to improve respondent experience
• Survey Logics
• Open-End responses
• Automated Syntaxes
By utilizing the above mentioned techniques, we ensure bad or redundant respondents are not allowed to hamper the data quality by blacklisting them permanently from our survey platform after three strikes. All such instances are subjected to manual review and where these checks do not meet our required standards, the respondent’s account is flagged and a notification sent to them to advise that they have not met the required standard for this survey. They are also reminded of the importance of being diligent and following instructions to provide the best quality of considered response at all times.

INJ has a dedicated Privacy and Compliance team (Link to our Privacy Policy Page), which focuses on INJ’s compliance with key data protection laws and regulations that apply in the various jurisdictions in which we operate. INJ addresses data protection laws and regulations through the use of data privacy agreements with our partners and updates to our policies and procedures to ensure INJ is establishing the appropriate controls to encourage the best privacy practices throughout the company. 

We are committed to handling personal information and data with integrity and care.

Quick TATs on projects is INJs forte. INJs Express Expert Interviews is a service line that enables INJ to deliver Experts in 24-48 hours.

That’s just in terms of data collection. With INJs round the clock Project management support, the clients never wait for response. The teams are strategically placed in the client’s timezone to cater to their needs.

Our pricing structure is based on the universe availability and the IR of the targeted audience. We quote on a project-to-project basis in order to meet bespoke requirements.

Our clients only pay for the services they take, the experts they speak to, and the projects they commit to us. Transparent pricing structure makes it very easy for the clients to choose what they want and pay how they like.


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