Case Study – Telecommunication

Case Study


Research Objective

A multi-national telecommunications supplier required a current analysis of the fixed line competitive environment in order to modify its service offerings.

An in-depth market analysis was conducted on behalf of a telecommunication conglomerate who was aiming to gain insights into the competitive landscape. Qualitative methodology was leveraged for the study where specialists’ with technical and business knowledge of the telecommunication industry participated. Each country saw equal number of sample distribution.

telecom industry analysis

Targeted Countries

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Spain

Sample Size




Targeted Designations

– General Telecom Manager
– Telecommunication engineer
– Telecom Information Specialists
– Systems Manager


The research analysis was successful in imparting insights which enabled the telecommunication supplier to –

  • Tailor its product strategy
  • Reposition its product
  • To compete effectively in the fixed line market.