Case Study – Driving marketing decisions

Case Study

Driving Marketing Decisions

Research Objective

To acquire insight into their competitors’ target audience, find crucial industry trends, comprehend which channels did better for the competitors, grasp competitive positioning, and assess trends in competitors’ content initiatives in order to alter their content strategy.

As the initial step, we gained a comprehensive understanding of the company’s strategic goals and requirements. We found sources that cover crucial intelligence issues like competitors’ marketing efforts and provide relevant coverage to the company.

News websites, business information websites, social media, press release, regulatory portals, job boards, review websites, and particularly competitor’s websites, specific website pages, marketing resources such as webinars, videos, and blogs, as well as newsletters, and emails were among the sources.

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Desk Research

Content Identified

– Case studies
– White papers
– Blogs
– Videos
– Articles
– Service/product/solution
– Tool offerings
– Webinars
– Press releases
– News and social media mentions
– Website updates


The research was successful in –

  • Gaining a bird’s eye view of the competitor’s marketing activities, understand which type of marketing collateral they publish the most, and determine their content strategy.
  • Determining which competitor does the highest number of marketing activities. 
  • Trend analysis based on information subject tagging, which provided insights into what topics, industries, and/or technologies competitors are focused on in their marketing operations, in order to transform strategic goals into a tactical marketing plan.