Case Study – Brand identity transformation

Case Study

Brand identity transformation

Research Objective

The client needed a new group identity, architecture and positioning to represent itself across more diverse cultural and business landscape.

A leading agricultural science and innovation company, after its merger with another firm, required a new brand identity. Strategic objectives were laid down to create a positioning which reflects the company’s work in collaboration with the farmers and other agricultural professionals.

It shows how the organization uses local solutions to global problems to address the continuous challenge of feeding the globe sustainably through agriculture, science, data, and developing technologies.

The survey targeted direct customers located in the North American.

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Sample Size



Quantitative Survey

Targeted Group

Direct customers


The research was successful in imparting data which helped in formation of the following –

  • A simple brand architecture was built to lead with the new strategy, with four business units all falling under one umbrella.
  • New brand logo as well as tagline was made which represented the past of the company. As a result, a modern and fresh brand has emerged, while maintaining its 250-year history.